The 6 'W's of Food Allergen Testing

Who should get the test? You and people like you. Food sensitivities can cause a variety of chronic symptoms which you would never think could be linked to foods.

What is the test? The food allergen test is a blood test.

What are the common symptoms of having a food allergen? Some common symptoms include, but are not limited to, weight gain, joint pain, sinus problems, depression, fatigue, headaches, skin rashes, indigestion, ach muscles and fluid retention.

What causes food sensitivities? Medical evidence suggests that food sensitivities result when foods and their protein components are not completely digested. When these components are absorbed by your body, your immune system does not recognize them as nutritional and beneficial. It responds protectively by producing antibodies, starting a series of reactions which can affect many tissues and organs. The result can be any of the symptoms already mentioned.

When can I make an appointment? You can make an appointment within days of calling in to inquire about the test.

When do I get the results? While we cannot guarantee a specific day, test results typically take 14 days to be mailed back to us.
Where is my blood drawn? Your blood is conveniently drawn in our office by our certified phlebotomist.            

Where is my blood analyzed? Your blood is sent to a confidential laboratory in Florida. Once analyzed, your blood results are immediately sent back to our office.

Why should I get the test? Of the hundreds of thousands of people tested so far, almost all had food sensitivities, so there is a good chance that you also are sensitive to one or more foods. Discovering and eliminating negative reactions in your body will help it return to homeostasis causing you to feel rejuvenated.

How can you tell if I have a food allergen? You can determine which food you are sensitive to with an Immuno Bloodprint. Your bloodprint is as individual as your fingerprint. From it, a computerized system can determine your food sensitivities and provide an individualized, color-coded computer printout that identifies and assists you in eliminating these foods.