Skypoint Chiropractic

Cost of Care

Chiropractic Care

Patients utilize one of three payment options:

  1. Insurance - Upon your initial visit the office manager will verify benefits and inform you of coverage.
  2. Wellness Care Plan - This plan costs $550 which allows for 10 visits. If individual care plan is paid in full upon first visit, the cost is reduced to $495.00. This plan package is available to established patients only.
  3. Hardship Contract - This contract is $130 for the initial visit. Your initial visit covers the consultation, your focused physical exam and the treatment. The initial visit lasts approximatley 45 minutes. Each subsequent visit costs $55 and typically lasts 15 minutes.

Massage Therapy

Patients utilize one of three payment options:

  1. Insurance - Some insurance plans cover massage therapy. The office manager will verify benefits during your initial visit. Utilizing insurance may require chiropractic physican approval.
  2. Wellness Massage Plan - This plan allows the patient to pre-pay for either five massages for $315 or 10 massages for $560. This plan package is open to all patients.
  3. Pay per Massage - Patients pay either $40 per half hour or $70 per hour for a swedish massage upon visit.

Decompression Therapy, P.E.M.F. Therapy & Cold Laser Therapy

  1. These services will cost $55 each session and we have plans available for discounted rates.