Skypoint Chiropractic

The First Visit

Your initial visit, regardless of payment type, will last approximately 45 minutes. When you arrive the office manager will request a copy of your insurance card and drivers license if you are utilizing insurance. If you are utilizing a hardship contract or individual care plan, the office manager will discuss those options with you. You will then be given the initial  paperwork to fill out. To expedite the process you can download and print the initial paperwork below and fill it out before you come in.

Your initial appointment with Dr. Ardell includes a consultation, focused physical exam and treatment. Whether you are new to chiropractic care or a seasoned veteran, Dr. Ardell will explain how chiropractic works and how it affects the body. For questions regarding Dr. Ardell's chiropractic techniques, please view our FAQ page. At the end of your initial visit, the office manager will give you a detailed packet of information about your body and how it should feel after an adjustment. If you have any questions or concerns before your next visit, please call us.

Each subsequent visit will last approximately 15 minutes.

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