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"Statistics are no substitute for judgment."
Henry Clay

I went to my first chiropractor when I fell off a horse in Colorado. My second chiropractic doctor was Dr. Scienski and I came to him after I fell while rollerblading downtown on Lake Shore Drive. Dr. Scienski not only put my back in place again, but he also taught me about health and nutrition about good posture and keeping a proper balance on exercise, sleep and daily living. I’ve never met a doctor who cared more about his patients than he did about himself or his practice as a physician. He genuinely cares about people and treats each person he sees with complete respect and genuine kindness. He keeps his practice up to date with the latest technology in chiropractic care equipment and has the friendliest people working for him in his office. I can’t sing his praises enough.

Even better is that you will learn things to help you stay healthy and stay away from prescription drugs!! You don’t have to live with pain. If you need a chiropractor (and even if you think you don’t, you do!...everyone should see a chiropractor!!)…you must come here. You will make a friend and have an incredible chiropractic doctor who cares about you and your health.


Before I started visiting Dr. Ardell and Skypoint Chiropractic, I was very hesitant because I didn't think anything could help me with my chronic headaches. I was convinced I would have to live with waking up with a headache everyday and rely on Advil for pain relief for the rest of my life. My Husband had been seeing chiropractors for years and finally he convinced me to go. Since receiving treatment from Dr. Ardell, I now realize what life is like to feel good in the morning. My headaches are completely gone, and if I do get one sporadically, I feel immediate relief after getting an adjustment. I have more energy, I no longer get 'cranky', and I am more in tune with my body. Visiting Dr. Ardell and subjecting myself to his treatment was the best thing I could have done for myself, and my body. I have never felt better in my entire life.


The pain that I felt in my knees was not severe but made me very uncomfortable at times. Dr. Ardell took the time to explain to me what might have been causing the discomfort and told me that the situation could be treated with chiropractic care. I always thought that chiropractic dealt with the spine but Dr. Ardell proved to me that his techniques involved the whole skeletal and nervous system. After about two months worth of visits, I was breathing better, my knees were slowly recovering, and my spine was properly aligned. 


Last year I slipped on the ice and took a fall. My left shoulder was hurt and I was unable to lift my arm up high. I tried using a heating pad and pain rub, but nothing seemed to help. After two months, I decided to visit Skypoint Chiropractic. Dr. Ardell gave me chiropractic treatments and my range of motion did improve. He also researched a natural supplement cox-2 inhibitor that put me back on the road to complete flexibility without pain. Chiropractic enhanced my quality of life.


Our son Peter was born with Torticollis, a condition in which the muscles of the neck are so tight on one side that the head is forced into a tilted position. We didn't notice it until he was three months old. Our pediatrician did not even notice it! Peter was a large baby (9 pounds, 2 ounces) and was probably cramped in the same position in utero.

Through relatives, we learned or Dr. Ardell's experience with Torticollis and the symptoms associated with it, none of which our pediatrician had told us about.

I asked Peter's doctor about some of the symptoms and he had no answers for me. He even advised me to stay away from chiropractic care! After an explanation from relatives and much prayer, we knew that the "unknown" symptoms were associated with Torticollis.

We were pressured into physical therapy and had made a decision to use both chiropractic and physical therapy treatments for Peter. However, it was clear that Peter's Torticollis was being healed by Dr. Ardell's chiropractic methods and not by the stretching exercises of the physical therapist.

We decided as a family that chiropractic was healing Peter as well as prayer and stopped taking him to physical therapy.

Peter has been receiving treatment from Dr. Ardell for 9 months and you can no longer see his head tilt.

We thank God for the chiropractic care of Dr. Ardell!

Brian, Becky, and Peter


Before I was introduced to Dr. Ardell I had no clue about chiropractic care. I informed him that I get sick very often and rarely felt like myself. I was sick of being sick! He sat me down and explained everything that I needed to know about chiropractic care and the healing process. This information gave me a whole new look on what I should be doing to become healthy and stay healthy. I started seeing him often and am now noticing how much better I am feeling. Every time I would come in to get adjusted I would walk out feeling like a new person. By following Dr. Ardell's instructions, I can feel my body slowly recovering. I’m so glad that I have someone like Dr. Ardell who cares about his patients’ well-being and health. He makes me less nervous and more aware of what is going on with my body. He has truly helped me through the healing process step by step. Thanks.


I am a 32 year old personal trainer and yoga teacher, who believes that education is a lifelong process. After each visit with Dr. Ardell I leave with more knowledge than when I came in. His passion for health and body, especially to a health fanatic like myself, is inspiring. I have lived with rheumatoid arthritis throughout my entire body for the past 22 years. My week consists of full contact martial arts, weight training, yoga and whatever else comes along. I have never been interested in taking prescription medication or injections to relieve my joint pain. Since meeting Dr. Ardell, I no longer wake up to my joint stiffness and pain. With a balanced herbal supplementation, based on Dr. Ardell's research and chiropractic care I have no second thoughts about limitations. Dr. Ardell's passion for life, health and knowledge are what makes him rise above all of the many other chiropractors I have gone to. In our society of Health Crisis, Dr. Ardell is one of the few who truly practices health care and prevention.

Corey - Certified Bikram Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer

I have suffered from seasonal allergies and sinus problems since moving to the Midwest over 5 years ago.

I have been prescribed so many nasal sprays and decongestants that I lost count, and guess what? None of them worked!

Reluctantly, through a friend's reccommendation, I went to see Dr. Ardell. I have been seeing Dr Ardell for over a year now and my sinus problems and allergies are a thing of the past. I have not been to see my GP in over a year and I have not felt this good in a long long time.


I have been looking for a really good chiropractor in Schaumburg and was referred to Dr. Ardell by my friend. I have never turned back since. My overall well being has changed as a result of my visits to Skypoint Chiropractic. I think they're one of the best among chiropractors in Schaumburg. The staff made me feel at home by being very friendly and caring. If anyone is looking for a chiropractor in Schaumburg, I recommend them.


I'm reading these 5 star reviews and they are all more than accurate. Dr. Ardell Scienski was referred to me by a client about 5 years ago. It was like winning the lottery. His advice and skills have lead me to live my life with a vitality I never thought could return, a fountain of youth per say. I have sent colleagues, friends, skeptics and my whole family who all see him on a regular basis. Dare I say he's "as good as it gets." I can go on and on with the compliments and details of the greatness of Dr. Ardelll and it still wouldn't be overselling. The man will take care of you and yours, I promise.


I have been going to Dr. Ardell's office for more than 4 years. I have suffered with back and neck pain for many years of my life. I was a little leary about seeing a Chiropractor at first since I didn't know much about the practice. Since meeting Dr. Ardell and his staff, I knew that there was no turning back. Dr. Ardell has pretty much fixed my lower back and neck pain. I also get monthly massages from his therapists. I feel like a different person after every adjustment. Great team, great service. I highly recommend Skypoint Chiropractic!


I had some bad experience with chiropractor's in the past and was leary of going back to one. However, no one could seem to do anything about my back pain or my knee. I heard such ravings about Dr. Ardell I decided to give him a try and my life has totally changed for the better! I didn't know you could get an adjustment for a cold or a virus and it would help you to heal faster. Dr. Ardell is careful and never gives an adjustment that is too rough. My husband and four kids see him as well and he has helped all of us to feel better and be healthier and had educated us on how to help ourselves.